Award winning* author, John Paul McKinney was born on February 19, 1935 and grew up in Royal Oak and Detroit, Michigan.  After graduating from St. Francis Seminary, the University of Detroit, Fordham University and Ohio State University, and a post-doc at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), he taught psychology at Smith College and Michigan State University until 1998 when he retired.   Writing, wood-working, fishing, photography, knitting, and learning to play the harp have become serious avocations.  He and his wife, Kathleen, have lived in Fort Collins, CO., since 2004, with a brief hiatus in Laramie, Wyoming.

Besides one adult novel (Charlie’s Angle, published 10/13 – Create Space) his current writing focuses on children and adolescents and includes several picture books, an early grade chapter book (Our Haunted House), and a forthcoming series of middle grade books (Adventures of My Dog, Cleve).


Academic (Psychology) – Several books, chapters, 70+ journal articles, mostly in developmental psychology (childhood and adolescence).


Poetry: Song of the soul in spring, in the St. Anthony Messenger, March 1953.

Essay: A Trip to Remember: Camping Bridges Ages, in Trails-a-Way  (Greenville, MI) – June, 1973.

Short Story: Rainbow’s Dilemma, in The Mountain Scribe Anthology, 2009.

*Awards: 2008 Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition – Honorable mention – Fiction –  Short Story: The Revolving Door

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